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Amazing work for the past two weeks team! Now is your chance to put everything you have learnt to create a new information text about a different mythical creature based on Anglo-Saxon and Viking myths. Use the model text, writing techniques and the planning sheet to help you. Today, you will need to plan a new information text 'The Truth about __________' for us to put on to our class page.


Mythical creatures you could write and research about

Dragons (What type of dragon) 

Kraken (Giant Squid) 



Giants (Frost or Fire) 


Remember you can use books you have at home for research, parents, family members, internet (swiggle: ) and your own imagination. 

Lesson 14 - Order fractions

8 x Table - Remember to use your knowledge of multiplication to support division. You can use drawings or written methods to help.



I hope you have prepared yourself for today's reading: I have attached Part 1 of Arthur and the Golden Rope. 


Will any of your prediction or knowledge of the Vikings come up? 


Can you answer some the questions at the end of the story? Write them down or discuss them with whoever you watch the video with. Enjoy! 

Arthur and the Golden Rope - Part 1

Still image for this video