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1. Think about a picture

  • Look at the picture: My Pet. What do you think has happened just before this picture was taken? What might happen next? What names would you give these dogs? Who might own them?
  • Can you think of three reasons why people like to keep pets?
  • Make notes about your answers or tell someone about them.


2. Read a poem

  • Read the poem: My Dog. Read it two times, once in your head once out loud.
  • Read and think about the Poetry Questions. Write some of your answers as clear sentences.  


3.  Read a poetry collection

  • Read the poems in Animal Poetry Collection.
  • Read at least three of the poems. Challenge yourself to read them all.
  • Complete Poetry Notes and write about your favourite poem.


Well done. Share the poems with a grown-up. Do they have the same favourite as you?


Try these Fun-Time Extras

  • Can you practise reading your favourite animal poem, then record it and share your recording with someone else?

Can you make an illustration for your favourite animal poem?

English Workbook

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