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1. Read an extract from Harry Potter

  • Read Quidditch. What did Harry learn about Quidditch? Which of these imagined facts is the best would you say?
  • Watch the film version of Harry learning the rules of Quidditch. What do you learn from the film that you don’t learn from the book?


2. Remind yourself about adverbs

  • Use the PowerPoint to hear the teaching about adverbs. If this is not possible, use the Revision Card to remind yourself.
  • Complete Adverb Practice.


3.  Now for some writing

  • Watch the film scene of Harry’s first Quidditch match.

  • Write some sentences that use adverbs to describe the match. Use Adverbs List to help you.


Try these Fun-Time Extras

  • Can you write some sentences with adverbs about a sport that you enjoy?
  • Can you find out more about the rules of Quidditch?  

Tell the time to 5 minutes

Times tables - What will your time be today?

Count up timer 5 minutes



This lesson focuses on the coast of the peninsula that forms most of the (South West) region of England. 

  1. Can you find this region on the Map of UK counties and to describe its location?


Which region do we live in? 


  1. Look at a selection of images on teaching slides 5–16. (See accompanying notes for image details. Additional images are provided in Images of the coast of SW England PowerPoint.
  2. Talk about the photographs while you look at them can you use of appropriate geographical vocabulary. Talk about physical features, human settlement and economic activities, including tourism.

Sand, rock, beach, cliff, industry, fishing, harbour, physical features, human features including settlement, economic activities, tourism, region


  1.  Write down the image number of the one or two places that you would most like to visit, and of the one or two places that you would least like to visit, judging by the photographs. Write your opinions and express your reasons.


International case study: Locate the Great Barrier Reef, Australia on a map, globe or Google™ Earth ( It runs along 1616 miles of the north east coast of Australia. From its location, what do you think the climate is like? Do you think the sea temperature is warmer or colder than here?  Watch Great Barrier Reef video (link) and what are your thoughts? Comment on the wildlife. Would you like to see it? What do you think it would be like?


The Great Barrier Reef is threatened with destruction (climate change, pollution, over-fishing, tourism). Why is this an environmental issue and a conservation issue? (environmental means nature & conservation means look after it and keep it)

Watch ‘The Great Barrier Reef is in Danger’ video (link) where former US president Barack Obama and Sir David Attenborough talk about the threats to the reef.