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1. Read an extract from Harry Potter

  • Read Quidditch. What did Harry learn about Quidditch? Which of these imagined facts is the best would you say?
  • Watch the film version of Harry learning the rules of Quidditch. What do you learn from the film that you don’t learn from the book?


2. Remind yourself about adverbs

  • Use the PowerPoint to hear the teaching about adverbs. If this is not possible, use the Revision Card to remind yourself.
  • Complete Adverb Practice.


3.  Now for some writing

  • Watch the film scene of Harry’s first Quidditch match.

  • Write some sentences that use adverbs to describe the match. Use Adverbs List to help you.


Try these Fun-Time Extras

  • Can you write some sentences with adverbs about a sport that you enjoy?
  • Can you find out more about the rules of Quidditch?  

Tell the time to 5 minutes

Times tables - What will your time be today?

Times tables - What will your time be today?  1

Count up timer 5 minutes

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