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1. Read about a tourist attraction

  • Read Warner Bros. Studio Tour Part 1. Which part of the tour do you think the writer enjoyed the most? Why?
  • Challenge yourself to read Warner Bros. Studio Tour Part 2.  What does the writer say happens when you’re in Diagon Alley?
  • Who do you think these reports are written for?


2. Make notes about the two reports

  • Use Information Notes to make notes about some of the facts that are included in the two pieces of writing.
  • Use your notes to tell someone else about the Studio Tour.  


3.  Find out more about the Studio Tour.

  • Write about your ideas using What do you think about Harry Potter Studio Tour?


Fun-Time Extra

Imagine a theme-park based on your favourite book or film (other than Harry Potter!). What would be included? Can you draw and write to describe it? Or could you create it on a game? (Minecraft, tycoon etc) 

English Workbook

Horizontal and vertical

Timestables - Can you beat 5 minutes? Can you beat you previous score?

Count up timer 5 minutes