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Today we are going to be writing an opening paragraph for our newspaper report. This is one of the most important parts. We have to give lots of key information in few words. We have to pack this first paragraph with information, and make it interesting to read. 


Please complete the challenge, 'When? Who? What? Why? Where? Openers' and learn all about the 5 W's. 


Good luck!



Today we are continuing with perimeter by looking at the perimeter of rectilinear shapes. 


Now, you might hear rectilinear shapes and think I've gone mad as the shapes I'm asking you to work with today are not rectangles. 


Rectilinear shapes are shapes where all of their angles are 90 degrees (right angles). So, all of these are rectilinear shapes:

A rectangle is a type of rectilinear shape, but not all rectilinear shapes are rectangles.


A rectangle has to have 4 sides and 4 corners of 90 degrees.


Have a watch of the video below for some help with today's work. 

Year 4 - Week 4 - Lesson 3 - Perimeter of rectilinear shapes

Afternoon Lesson


One of the ways that we learn to look after our environment is to learn to fall in love with it.  Think about it – when we truly appreciate the value of something the chances are we pay attention it and take action to protect it from harm.

The Ocean is no different from any other asset and as a free health resource for us all it is important we all fall in love with, and take care of our water system, so that it can take care of us.



I found today's resource on a wonderful website called Blue Mind. You can find the website here. It is full of wonderful mindfulness activities all linked to the Ocean and the beauty of our world. 



Have you ever watched clouds?  I don’t mean a momentary glance up at the sky – I mean REALLY taken a good look at them?

Cloud watching is a great activity to feel creative, but also to practice mindfulness. 

Find a space outdoors if you can. Lie down on the floor and gaze up at the sky, remaining silent for 15 minutes and simply being with the weather.

Observe the shape, form and movement of clouds… this is just water suspended!



Once you have taken a really good look at the sky think about what you saw, heard and felt.


Can you paint or draw different cloud formations or create a story about the shapes and forms you saw?