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Today I would like you to complete the section 'What do the words mean?' on pages 10-11. If you have a dictionary, I would like you to try and use that first. If you don't, can you first have a guess at what the word means then google it. 


Write down the definitions and try to remember the words. These can be used as 'Wow words' in your work: they will make me very impressed!! 


I had to look up the definition of squally as I had never heard of it before. See if you can remember these words to knock my socks off with later. :)



Today you are going to be comparing and ordering fractions less than 1. Feel free to draw the fractions out to help you visualise. You may find that you need to simplify some fractions to understand the question too. 

Year 5 - Week 4 - Lesson 4 - Compare and order fractions less than one

Afternoon Lesson


This is going to be an RE Lesson about God's love and mercy. We are also going to be looking at things that are happening in the world now and trying to form our own opinions about peace, love and what is right. 


This lesson would be best if you can share it with a parent or older sibling, because you need to discuss your ideas. If that isn't possible, then just use your amazing thinking caps. 




Sometimes we can misuse the freedom we have and use it irresponsibly.  We forget to love God and our neighbour.  It may not be by something that we do, but by something that we don't do.


Here is a famous quote by Edmund Burke:


 ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’.      


- What do you think that means?


- If you saw someone getting bullied, what would be the right thing for you to do?


- If you ignored someone being bullied or hurt, is that a bad thing to do- or is doing nothing neither bad or good? 



It's a very tricky thought isn't it! Can you think of a situation where you have had to make the decision to stand up for what was right? 


Amos was a prophet who lived long before Jesus and challenged the people to care for the poor and those in need.  Prophets reminded them of God’s love and of the kind of people they were called to be. 

At times when we do not follow these instructions, we need reconciliation and forgiveness from God.  We know that God is loving and merciful and that He will always forgive us.  


Do you remember what the Sacrament of Reconciliation is? 



In the Sacrament of Reconciliation we celebrate God’s love and mercy.  We learn about the joys and challenges of living as a follower of Jesus in love and peace.  During the celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation the Church celebrates the love and mercy of God.  It calls people to confess their sins, ask for forgiveness and be reconciled to God and to one another.



This is an Act of Contrition: A prayer to say we are sorry. 


Can you think of the things you would like to say sorry for? Could you write an act of contrition? 



There are lots of horrible things going on in the world, and it is our duty as Christians to make the right choices and to spread love and kindness to everyone. To look after everyone on God's Earth and love them equally. 


Here is a link to a Newsround article which is suitable for your age group about the terrible riots happening in America. 


Although we are not in America, there is still much we can do in our corner of the world. Spreading love and kindness is so important. Can you write a lovely card filled with kind things to make someone happy? Spread a little love today and make someone smile. The world needs more smiles!