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1. Read a shape poem.
• Read the poem: Rolling Down A Hill.
• This is a poem written to look at on the page. Can you use your voice or actions to find a good way to read it out loud?

2. Learn about the progressive tense
• Use the PowerPoint or the Revision Card to learn about the progressive form of verbs.
• Complete Progressive Tense Practice.

Well done! Check your answers with a grown-up. You can look at the end of this pack for the answers.

3. Now for some writing
• Think of some Action Poem Ideas. Write them down on the sheet. You could use a new idea that isn’t written there.
• Use some of your ideas to write a poem. Try to set it out so that the shape on the page matches the action.


Fun-Time Extras
• Can you send your poem to somebody else?
• Can you make up some more Action Poems so that you have a whole-series of them.
• Can you find some more information about Colin West?

Subtract lengths