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1. Read Hamilton Group Reader Purple is Best
                o This is a non-fiction (information) text and tells us about how people have used dyes to colour their clothes for many centuries.


2. Prepositions
               o Watch the PowerPoint presentation on prepositions OR read the learning reminders about prepositions (keep these to help you with tomorrow’s work).
               o On the ‘Purple is Best’ extracts sheet underline the prepositions. (Tip: use the list of prepositions on the first learning reminder card to help you).
               o Write five sentences of your own about Purple is Best using prepositions. Can you use each type (time, place, cause) at least once?


Now work with a grown-up to check the answers.
Discuss any answers which you didn’t quite get. Can you see what went wrong?


Try the Fun-Time Extras
o Explore prepositions on BBC Bitesize

"Preposition" by The Bazillions

A fun song about prepositions to watch - be careful it is super catchy!

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