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Today, we will be reading some poetry written by Michael Rosen. Can you relate to his poem? 


1. Reading poetry
                     o Read ‘The Torch’ by Michael Rosen or watch him performing his poem
                     o Is there a time when you accidentally broke something like Michael did? How did you feel?


2. Apostrophes for possession:
                     o Look at the learning reminder – apostrophes. Read through to remind yourself how to use apostrophes to show possession (ownership /belonging).
                     o Now complete the apostrophes for possession activity sheet.
                     o Walk around your house, making up pairs of sentences with possessive apostrophes, e.g. This bed belongs to the dog. This is the dog’s bed’. Write these on the blank ‘pairs of sentences’ sheet.


3. Performing Poetry:
                    o Read ‘Fork Week’ by Michael Rosen.
                    o Practise reading it aloud, think about which words to put emphasis on as you read.
                    o Perform the poem to someone in your home. Perhaps they can film you performing? Perform to a relative on Skype or FaceTime.


Try the Fun-Time Extra

o Explore Michael Rosen’s YouTube channel and watch him perform other poems and read stories .

English Workbook

Lesson 4 - Fractions of a set of objects (2)

Art - 


Below is a PowerPoint showing some designs of Ancient Greek vases which show interesting patterns, stories or historical events. I would like you to design a vase that shows the history that is being created right now. It can be something from the news, something in your life or about lockdown. It's up to you, I can not wait to see the art work you create.