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Wow- we've been covering many topics this week: multiplication, division and now perimeter! You are so lucky, don't say I never treat you! :)


Remember, perimeter is the outside. The only trouble you may find is finding the length of certain sides. Look at all the information you can about the shape, you will be able to work them out using addition or subtraction of the other corresponding lengths. Good luck. 

Year 5 - Week 3 - Lesson 4 - Calculate perimeter



Today you are going to write your information text about your wonderful creature that you discovered or created yesterday. Use the skills you have learnt using this workbook. I cannot wait to read all about them. Don't worry about making it look too fancy, just focus on the writing today. 


Check your work and see if you can make it EVEN more interesting than the text about the Rhiswinozebtah. 


Good Luck!