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I hope you managed yesterday's work okay, and are ready for another challenge. Let's develop our subtraction skills further by subtracting decimals with a different amount of digits. 

Lesson 3 - Subtracting decimals with a different number of decimal places



Today I would like you to complete the "Now for some Grammar' section. Just do the part about brackets, we will do the sentence imitation tomorrow. 


Remember, when it comes to writing your own story, all of these skills we learn on the way are very important, I would love to see you write fluently using brackets. 

Afternoon Lesson


I hope you have been enjoying learning about Arctic drilling and that you feel it is important to care for our Earth. Can you think of some ways you can for the Earth? 


Here is a video I found on Arctic drilling, it was made a few years ago when Barack Obama was president of the USA. 


Stop Arctic Drilling Cold - Keep Oil Under the Sea

The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world and as the ice melts, previously inaccessible oil and gas resources become less difficult to exp...

President Obama was clever and fair and he chose to save the Arctic and to ban people from oil drilling...


All was good. 



This man came along. Do you know who this is? 


Donald Trump wants to begin drilling for oil in the Arctic and will lift the ban and back big oil companies like Shell and BP to begin drilling for oil. 


Do you think this is right? Do you agree with Donald Trump that we should drill for oil. 


Oil is very expensive and could make these companies a lot of money. 


Click here for some information on the consequences of oil drilling. 


Your task today is to write a persuasive letter to Donald Trump, to convince him to stay away from the Arctic and to not drill for oil. 


Good Luck :)