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Today's the day- you are going to be writing your own portal story! Last time we wrote a whole story, many of you messaged to say that you hadn't finished, so this is going to be your English task for today and tomorrow, that way you will have time to get it completed. :)


Have a look on page 16 to recap the points that you have learned. 


Feel free to write this by hand, or type it on the computer- whatever you like.



Today you will be adding decimals, crossing the whole. So, you will be adding two decimals together that make a number larger than 1. Remember your place value skills and you will be fine. 

Lesson 4 - Step 4 - Adding decimals - crossing the whole

Afternoon Lesson


So, I hope you have been enjoying planning for your VE Day Party on Friday! I would love to see pictures of your afternoon home learning. 


Today, I want to show you a cool dance that was popular in the 1940's. It's called the Lindy Hop! 

Learn to Lindy Hop

Watch the Professionals for some tips!

I hope you have learned a few steps. You can dance the Lindy Hop solo or with a partner- get your family involved in your VE Day celebrations too. 


I've found a song that I think you all like a lot, this is performed in a swing style making it perfect for Lindy Bop dancing! 

Dance Monkey Lindy Bop Style!