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Today we will be looking at the importance of fluency and expression when we read. When we read to someone, we have a chance to make the story come to life. Why is it more interesting when someone reads with emotion and expression rather than like a robot? 


I would like you to complete Activity 5 on page 8. Do the writing part first, and then perform the poem to your family at home- ask them for feedback on how you could make the performance more interesting. 


This is a very important skill to learn and to develop, it shows you understand what you are reading as you are speaking, and it is very important to practice. Good luck :)



Today we are looking at percentages as fractions and decimals. 

Lesson 4 - Step 9 - Percentages as fractions and decimals

Afternoon Lesson- DT


Spitfire Science! Your task today is to design and make your own Spitfire. You could make it out of paper, wood, recycled materials- anything! 


Test your design: How far does it glide? Does the material used for a paper plane affect the distance it travels? 


Try using newspaper, card, tinfoil, etc and carry out a test. Remember, only change one thing to make it a fair test. 



When you have finished, don't throw your spitfire out- it might come in handy as a decoration for next week's big secret challenge.