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Session 2 - Action

The next part of the book is when Lucy is lying in bed and can hear more strange sounds. This time we are going to look through the lens of 'action'. 

The sentence you need to complete this time is 'An action-packed part of the story is...'. Use evideence from the book and try to use the word 'happen' in your answer. 


Here is my example:


An action-packed part of the story is when Lucy is lying in bed during the night and can hear some starnge noises. The wolves in the wall are "clawing and gnawing, nibbling and squabbling" and they are "plotting their wolfish plots". These actions happen so to frighten Lucy as she is lying there during the night when "everything was still". In the picture, Lucy looks very scared and is hiding under her blanket listening to what the wolves are doing in the walls.