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Session 1 - Checking

Look at the page above from The Wolves in the Walls by Neil Gaiman. We are going to use the lens of Checking to explore this page of the text. Below is your task sheet but I wanted to explain first. The top part is the sentence I would like you to finish. 'Positive/negative sounds in this story are....' You must complete this using evidence from the text. Use what is written and the picture to help you finish this sentence. You get a bonus point if you use the word 'recognise' in your answer. 


Here is my example:


Negative sounds in this story are heard when Lucy is listening to the walls. I recognise they are negative words because in the picture Lucy looks scared. The negative words used are "hustling", "bustling", "crinkling", "crackling", "sneaking", "creeping" and "crumpling". They are negative sounds that are used to scare Lucy. 


How many points can you get for your answer?