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Planning a new story



Now it is time to start planning your own story. You are going to be writing a new story all about a brave toy who has to save others from nasty villains. 


Below is the success criteria for your story so these are the types of sentences you need to include in your story. There is also a rough planning sheet that I have created for Traction Man to show you the sort of thing you need to do. 

You must decide who your main character is going to be. It could be any toy you want it to be, they just have to be brave! It could be a barbie, an action man, a transformer, a superhero toy, a doll etc...

Then it is time to think about your 9 plot points. What are your settings and adventures going to be? They can be similar or you can have completely different settings. You can fill in the planning sheet with pictures, key words, sentences etc... however you want to show your ideas. It is also then important to think about whether each plot point is positive or negative as this will help you decide on what sort of vocabulary you want to gather. You can write some of this vocabulary on your planning sheet if you want to.


Get Planning!!


Blank Planning Sheet for a 9 plot point story



Spend some more time today putting your ideas onto your blank planner sheet and think about what type of sentence you could write for each plot point. You need to know what happens in your story and if you are looking for positive of negative vocabulary. 



Today it is time to start think about the Success Criteria for each plot point and planning each sentence.

We wrote 3 sentences for each plot point of Traction Man but we are going to try and plan just one sentence for each part, although you may want to do more. 


I have created a blank planning sheet for you to plan your sentences on and I have tried to fill one in for Traction Man to give you an idea. You need to look at the 9 success criteria and think about what plot point will work best for each. For example, when Traction Man is laughed at and is feeling sad, this is the perfect point for a feelings sentence. When the Dollies are screaming in the garden, this is the perfect point for a sound sentence. 


Take a look at mine and see if you can fill in your own sentence planning sheet.