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Phonics Work

Recapping the phonics sounds and sayings

Here are the sounds and sayings we practise regularly in class.

From Monday, the DfE are releasing daily phonics lessons on YouTube. I will try to upload the videos to here if I can. 

Below is the introductory video just to explain a bit about Phonics and what some of the words mean. I shall also just put a brief description here for you to refer back to:


Phonics is the name for how we teach children to read and write. It is all about teaching children to sound out words. 


Grapheme - the written letters that represent a single sound (a, e, sh, ck)


Phoneme - the sound of a single grapheme. 


So a grapheme is what it looks like written down and the phoneme is what it sounds like when said out loud. 


Some graphemes have 2 letters and are called digraphs (sh, ck, ch, th...) and some have 3 letters and are called trigraphs (igh). 


Blending - this is combining different phonemes to sound out a word e.g. you would blend c-a-t to say the word 'cat'.


Segmenting - this is when you break the word into the different phonemes/graphemes, e.g. segmenting the word 'chip' into ch-i-p.


CVC words - consonant-vowel-consonant. These are the simple words that children begin their blending and segmenting with. 


There are approximately 44 phonemes in the English Language. Some graphemes can represent the same phonemes which means the same sound can be spelt different ways, for example, these graphemes all make the same sound (phoneme) ai, ay, a-e and eigh. 


Tricky words - These are taught to children as whole words because they are common but hard to sound out with basic phonic knowledge.  


I hope this helps to explain some of the terms and helps you when supporting your children with their phonics learning. 


Take Care

Mrs B

Handy guide to our online Phonics lessons

Letters and Sounds for home and school introductory video for parents and carers, with CBBC TV presenter and parent, Ed Petrie.