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Overview of Lesson 3

Lesson 3 

In this session you will learn about the presence of African-Caribbean service men and women during the 2nd World War and the part they played and understand reason they served in the 2nd World War.

1 Discuss the Recruitment Poster – what was the message? Who was being targeted and why?



2. West Indies Calling (1944)

• Children should record facts from the film.
• Discuss and collate all the facts regarding Caribbean presence in the war.

3. Discuss key questions: 

Use the following website pages to support your research to these answers: 

Soldiers of the Caribbean: Britain's forgotten war heroes

Caribbean participants in the Second World War


• Were African-Caribbean men and women living in Britain during the 2nd World War?
• Why did Britain ask men and women to come to Britain?
• Why did men and women in the Caribbean join the military?
• How many Caribbean men and women were recruited?
• How did they serve?
• What was military life like for Caribbean service men and women?
• What did they do at the end of the war?
• Why do some history books and films about the WWII. not include people of Caribbean origin?


Draw conclusions based on the information.

4. Study the profile of one of the former Caribbean servicemen and women who served in the British forces during WWII.


Eight Windrush Pioneers have been considered as our possible main characters who will be used as a reference point for different themes throughout the topic. These include:

Overview for lesson 3 with some resources