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Overview of Lesson 2

Lesson 2 - Tuesday 23rd June


In today's session you will learn when African-Caribbean people were present in Britain.


1. Look at the following images and descriptions below to learn about some of these historically important people of African-Caribbean descent.

Using the images below:  can you work out when the painting or photos were taken? (some of the images have dates next to them). Can you gather clues about the past? Take time to discuss with your parents or family what you can see in the portraits. Are there any emotions or attitudes that come through the image? Can you identify the social status of the people in the portraits?


2. Answer the questions after you have studies all the images above: 

• Were people of African descent in Britain before the 1940s?
• When did people of African and Caribbean descent begin to arrive and settle in Britain?
• What do these historical sources reveal about the life experiences and contributions to society achieved by the African and Caribbean people?


3. Choose one of the following people: Who were they and what did they do? 

Roman Era – North African Emperor Septimus Severus
Henry V11’s Court – trumpeter John Blanke
18th century – Ignatius Sancho & Olaudah Equiano
Dido Elizabeth Belle 

19th century – Mary Seacole
Mary Prince 

Sarah Forbes Bonetta

Overview for lesson 2 with some resources