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We need your views!

One of the goals of our Kent Catholic Schools Trust is that all pupils are enabled to thrive through access to a broad, balanced and rich curriculum, underpinned by Gospel values. In addition to supporting the pupils’ spiritual development, we aim to provide programmes in our academies that will encourage long term, sustainable cultural and social change and the promotion of equal opportunities for both the pupils and their families. 


This is follows on directly from the New Testament: John Chapter 10, Verse 10:
 ‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.’
We are asking pupils, parents, parishioners and clergy to decide on the ten things that they would like children to do or experience by the time they leave primary school. This should include spiritual as well as cultural activities.


We will look at your feedback and create our own St. Richard’s top ten list. This has to be done by 9th March at the latest.


Please enter your suggestions here. All ideas will be considered!


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