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CONGRATULATIONS to the St Richard’s football team in the National League Trust Under 11s Cup. We won our match against Dover White Cliffs School, and will now represent Dover Athletic Football Club in the South East Regional Final. This is to be hosted by Sutton United Football Club in Surrey. Well done to each and every player. Thanks also to Mr Harrison for coaching the team and setting up this great opportunity. Read the exciting match report below written by Captain Jozef!


"We’re off to Sutton! What a glorious day! Now, let me tell you all about it.


Fast forward to when we arrived at the pitch of The Crabble Athletic Grounds, it was a moment enveloped with joy, excitement and thrill. Right next to us, were our opponents from Dover White Cliffs School. They looked rather ready and up for a real challenging game. But hey, we are a great team, too! All we had to do was keep focused and think of that GOAL. A trophy and an opportunity to play at Sutton, that’s not bad at all! In fact, that is a strong enough GOAL to aspire for. Before the match, we had a few minutes of warm-ups, going over skills, dribbling and doing our final preparations for the challenge ahead.


The game was a 6-a-side, we started off with our formation as a 2-2-1 with Jaxon in goal, Anthony and Jastin in defence, myself and Adrian in midfield and Harvey M. playing as our striker. The first half of the game was quite level between the two teams, with Jaxon making amazing saves, keeping our team in the game. I came off when there were about 2 minutes of the first half left. Pawel then came on. No goals in the first half but we remained hungry for the WIN.


At half time, we went off to have a drink and prepare ourselves for the final hurdle, the second half of the match. Our amazing coach, Mr Harrison, gave us a team talk and made a few switches in the team. Again, I was still playing as a midfielder. Now, it was time for the second half!

The second half came better for us. Adrian played a ball through their defence onto me. One of their defenders tried to clear it but miskicked it. I then took the ball away from the goalkeeper and BANG! I had taken a shot, sending the ball into the back of the net. As soon as that ball went in, Sutton is within reach, so I thought.


Further into the second half, I was now on the bench. Then, came our most feared moment. Unluckily, Jaxon took a deflection as he tried to get the ball and of course, we had to pay the consequence. Their striker took the ball and placed it in the back of the net from an open goal. Now the scores were tied at 1-1. The whistle then blew. The game being a draw, we now had to go onto penalties to decide who was going to Sutton.


We switched goalkeepers for the penalty shootout. Now, Anthony was in goal and Jaxon was helping to take a penalty. Their team was up first. Luckily, their shot just went wide. Harvey M. from our team was next. He took the shot, calmly placing it through the keeper’s legs and in! It was their team’s turn again. Fortunately for us, they missed again. It was Adrian’s turn now. He shot, unfortunately sending the ball just wide. Their player stepped up and scored, Anthony just about missing it. It was now my turn. I stepped up, placing the ball on the spot. Seeing that the goalkeeper was standing more to the left side of the goal, I kicked the ball to the right side, putting it into the top right corner. It was their shot once again. Their player shot. However, Anthony made a heroic save, diving for the ball. We just needed to score once more to win! Jaxon placed the ball on the spot and took a few steps back. He then made his run up and kicked the ball. He had placed it in the top left corner! Words cannot describe that moment of jubilation, we were the champions! We all hugged each other and exchanged high fives. We shook hands with the opposing players.


It was now time to claim our rewards. Dover White Cliffs School claimed their medals and had a picture taken. Then, it was us, the St. Richard’s Football Team! It was our time to claim that trophy and medals. It felt great being the Captain and being able to hold up the trophy, that one glorious moment! We shook hands with the people who organised the tournament and had pictures taken. It was, indeed, an amazing day. Well done to everyone who took part and congratulations to our team for winning. We’re going to Sutton!"

9th of March 2018