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Key Workers Urgent Update

Dear Parent and Carers,

We would like to thank you for your patience in regards to the Government confirming the Key Workers.  Today we have spent the whole day planning the next week for children of Key Workers and apologise that this information is being sent out so late in the day.

If you have called the School Office today to inform us that you may need your child to attend next week these are the details that you require:

  • Children can arrive at school between 8.00am - 8.30am and need to be collected at 3.15pm. 
  • Breakfast will be served for all children upon arrival, free of charge. 
  • All children will be provided with a hot meal at lunchtime, free of charge.
  • Children do not need to wear uniform but must wear warm, comfortable clothing as they will be going outside during the day and also completing PE activities.

A register will be taken as the children arrive and any children that are not on the list will be sent home - this is due to staffing and safety ratios.  Children are to enter the school via the main gates and the School Office.

If you need to check if your child has a place from Monday, please contact the School Office on 01304 201118.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support and understanding during this unsettling time.


Miss Kleinman