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CAP Dover Money Course for Pupils at St. Richard's

Year 6 children, at St Richard’s Catholic Primary School, Dover, have undertaken the first Christian Against Poverty (CAP) Money Course for Kids in Dover. The course was delivered by CAP trained Money Coaches from Dover Money Course (part of Christians Together in Dover) and aims to teach how to look after money and handle it well. Pupils learnt about the CAP money management principles of Budget - Save - Spend and how to make a balanced budget via balancing ‘income’ with expenditure via ‘cutting costs’, ‘cutting back’ and ‘cutting out’, as well as why it is important to save and give to others. There was lots of sharing of knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Opportunities to write, draw, talk, act and share in activities all filled with fun, laughter and enjoyment were numerous. Points were awarded and the winning team received a prize. Each child received a signed attendance certificate.


Headteacher at St. Richard’s, James Blomfield said, “We were absolutely delighted with the outcomes of the CAP Money Course for Kids. The content and the delivery of the course by Dover Money Course was outstanding and provided such a practical life skill for our pupils. We want to involve parents in future and see this as strengthening parental engagement at St. Richard’s.” Rev Dr Barry Barton, Lead Money Coach