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English & History - Design a poster the day of the week based on where they got their names 

(Viking names this week)


When to do it – complete one each day of the week:

  1. Include the information below on your poster.
  2. Find an image of that god/goddess that you can add/draw onto your poster and write down facts about them.
  3. In a fun way write down all the things you did on that day.
  4. Think of a nice thing you can write about someone in your family (a different person/people for each day of the week).


Our days of the week are named in honour of Norse gods;

(A poster for Sunday) Sunday; For Sol, goddess of the sun, Sun’s day (Extra Challenge)

(A poster for Monday) Monday; For Mani, goddess of the moon, Mani’s day

Lesson 1 - Money - Convert pounds and pence

Science Hunt - This week you are going to find vocabulary outside linked to our science topic

Art & Science


  1. Decorate a plant pot. If you have an old plant pot at home, give it a makeover and decorate it ready for planting. Alternatively, if you don’t have a plant pot, there are lots of things you can repurpose, such as teapots, old teacups, pots and pans, jars, buckets etc. See if you have something at home you can upcycle into a plant pot.


Week 4 Spellings for Wednesday's Activities

Arthur and the Golden Rope - Part 2

Still image for this video
Were any of your predictions correct?