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1. Read a profile

  • Read Mario Profile. What questions does this profile answer? What other questions could be answered? Do you know any other information about this video-game character?
  • Look at Colourful Writing. Can you work out what each of these colours means? Write a key to the colours on the table provided.


2. Remind yourself about word classes

  • Use the PowerPoint teaching word classes. If this not possible, remind yourself using the Revision Card on the same subject.
  • Read Profiles 1-3. Collect examples of different word classes from these profiles. Write them on the Word Class Grid.
  • Challenge yourself to read Profiles 4-6 and to collect different words from here too.


Well done! Now show a grown-up the words that you have collected. You can check your answers at the end of the pack.  


3.  Write some sentences

  • Write some sentences about a video-game that you know.
  • When you have written them, highlight the different classes of words that you have used. Can you add any adjectives or adverbs to your writing?


Try this Fun-Time Extra

  • Use the descriptions in the profiles to draw each of the characters.
  • Add labels to your drawings to show the different things that you have included.

Year 3 - Lesson 1 - Measure mass

Timestables - 5 minute challenge