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1. Read an extract from Harry Potter

  • Read The Sorting Hat. Have you read or seen this part of the story before? How do you think you would feel if you were there in the Great Hall?
  • Watch the film version of this scene. Which part of the scene do you think that the film does best?

2. Remind yourself about clauses and conjunctions

  • Use the PowerPoint to hear the teaching on Clauses and Conjunctions or use the Revision Card remind yourself.  
  • Complete the Conjunctions Activity. You can use the List of Conjunctions to help you.


3.  Write some sentences

  • Watch the film clip of the Sorting Hat again.
  • Now write some sentences about the scene. Use conjunctions in your sentences, using the List of Conjunctions.


Well done! Now show a grown-up your sentences. Show them the conjunctions that you have used and clauses that you have joined.


Fun-Time Extras

Draw accurately

Timestables - Once completed, check with your answers with a calculator!