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1. Read a story

  • Read King Midas and the Donkey Ears. Have you ever heard the story before? Does it remind you of anything or anyone?


2. Order the events of the story

  • Look at the events on Story Order. They’re in the wrong order. Put them in the right order by cutting them out or numbering them.
  • Illustrate each of the events.


Share your Story Order with a grown-up. Use it to tell them the story of King Midas and the Donkey Ears.  


3.  Answer some questions

  • Read King Midas and the Donkey’s Ears Questions.
  • Think about your answers and then write them as clear sentences.


Fun-Time Extras

  • Can you design a hat or disguise that King Midas could have worn to have kept his ears secret?
  • Can you make a play up about this story? You could use real people to act it or play characters.
  • Can you make sets of donkey ears for your family? And can you persuade them to wear them?!

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