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Hello Year 4,


I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready to start another fantastic week of home learning. I hope you have been enjoying it and finding it fun. I would love to see any work you have completed. 


If you are a little bit behind- don't worry, I never delete the learning I have put on the website so just start where you left last week. 


Today is a special day- it is World Ocean Day! This week, all of our afternoon lessons will be based around activities to do with the ocean and learning about how we can look after our wonderful world. 


Have a fantastic week, and as always- please email me if you have any issues, questions or feedback for me. 


Miss Brown :)






Today I would like you to complete the 'Talk like an expert' challenge which you can find on pages 8-9 in your workbook. Make sure you read it carefully, there are lots of helpful tips to tell you how to make sure you have used your punctuation correctly. 


What I am looking for is this correct punctuation (full stops, capital letters, commas), beautiful handwriting and powerful, interesting language. 


Take your time to really give it your best. English work especially should be you showing off all of your skills and showing your teacher how brilliantly you can write. 



Today, you are going to have a go at dividing a 3-digit number by a 1 digit number. The video below gives you some ideas on how to do this and uses a method called flexible partitioning. This is when we break up the number into handy little chunks to divide. 


If you have another method you prefer, for example, bus stop method and find that easier. You can use that instead. 

Year 4 - Week 3 - Lesson 4 - Divide 3 digit by 1-digit number

Afternoon Lesson


Today I would like you to watch some of the videos that went live today. You can find them all by clicking here.


Have a watch and learn some fantastic facts about our beautiful oceans. Could you make a fact file or an information poster to show me some facts you have learned?