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Hi All! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and are feeling ready for another wonderful week of home learning. 


I would like to say a big thank you to so many of you who are sending me your work. It is so lovely for me to see you all trying so hard. Well done. 




Today, we are going to be looking at adding and subtracting fractions. This is something we have been over recently, so you should remember all of those lessons. Now, I haven't been horrible and I have made sure that all the questions use the same denominator so you don't have to convert any of them. Add them up (remember to add the numerators!) and can you give your answer as a mixed number where you can. 


Good Luck! 

Year 5 - Week 5 - Lesson 1 - Add and subtract fractions



Today I would like you to refresh your memory by reading the story again. Once you have finished can you complete the 'Likes, dislikes, puzzles and surprises' challenge on pages 14-15. 


Reflect on what you think about the text! 

Afternoon Lesson


Today is a very special day, it is actually World Ocean Day! I had a whole afternoon of RE planned out that I have had to delete because I know how much you enjoy learning about our planet. 


Some classes will only be focusing on World Ocean day but doing it instead of Maths and English. I thought we could spread it out and use the activities for our afternoon learning this week. 


Today I would like you to watch some of the videos that went live today. You can find them all by clicking here.


Have a watch and learn some fantastic facts about our beautiful oceans.