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This week's English pack is all about wishes! Having a wish come true sounds amazing, but can there be negatives to wishes too? I would like you to complete the tasks: 'Just one wish' and 'The downside' (finish on page 4). 


I'd love to hear about your wishes- what would be brilliant... and what could go wrong! 



Today we will be looking at the area of rectangles. Watch the video for some help, but we have covered this before. Remember, we are measuring the inside part of a shape and when we look at rectangles we need to follow the rule of length times width. 


Good Luck :)

Year 5 - Week 4 - Lesson 1 - Area of rectangles

Afternoon Lesson


Today, we are going to be looking at computer games. What makes a good computer game? Have you got a favourite game you have ever played or a favourite character? What makes that character so wonderful? 

My favourite character is Link from the Zelda games. He's my favourite because I think his glider is cool and he can defeat all of the bad guys. He's a hero and it's fun to play. 


Click here to watch some videos about Video Games.


Your task today is to create your own Video Game character, you can use the sheet below as inspiration or just do it on plain paper.