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Today is Windrush Day! Windrush Day falls on June 22 each year. The day honours the British Caribbean community and their contributions to British society. Please click on the link below to find lessons and information about this. 



1. Read a report about Lego Star Wars
• Read Lego Star Wars Game Description. Read it twice: the first time in your head and the second time out loud.
• Who do you think this report is written for?


2. Remind yourself about the features of Non-Chronological Reports
• Use the Revision Card to remind yourself about the features of Non-Chronological Reports.
• Which of these features can you find in the Lego Star Wars Game Description? Write and highlight the text to show where you find them.
Share your highlighting with a grown-up. Explain the features that you have spotted.

3. Read some more reports
• Read the report for Just Dance and Super Mario Kart.
• You could challenge yourself to read the report for Zelda too. (It is more complicated.)
• Look at Technical Language to Spot. Can you write an explanation of at least three of these pieces of vocabulary?

Fun-Time Extras
• Can you pick one more of these games and research more about it? Try to find five more facts.
• Can you make an illustration that would go with one of these reports?

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