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If you have a version of Fantastic Mr Fox (book, e-book, audio book or film) it would be great for children to read, listen to or watch the rest of the book after today’s session. (E-book is below Fantastic Mr Fox)

1. Read the extracts from Fantastic Mr Fox
      o Read chapter one which introduces the three farmers, Boggis, Bunce and Bean.
      o Underline any words in the text which describe the characters – you could use a different colour for each farmer.
      o Read chapter two which introduces Mr Fox. Underline any words in the text which describe him.


2. Characterisation
     o Draw a picture of each of the characters and label each one with the words and phrases which Roald Dahl uses to describe them. Or, if you prefer, label the set of character images provided.


Try the Fun-Time Extras
o If you have it, watch the rest of the Fantastic Mr Fox film.
o The book’s name Fantastic Mr Fox is alliterative (uses the same letter at the beginning of the words for effect). Can you give yourself an alliterative name that describes your character? For example, Amazing Anya or Brave Bella. Try doing this for other friends and family too.

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