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Hello Everyone! 


I hope you had a lovely weekend. I know it all sort of melts into one at the moment because we are not at school. I know lots of you are struggling with motivation at the moment- that's normal. This is a really strange and challenging situation for us all at the moment. I am so proud that so many of you are working so hard and trying your best at home. It is important to do a little bit each day, so we keep our brains working properly. 


If you are struggling with the work or feeling a bit down, feel free to email me if you think it will help. I am here for you.


When you think you can't do it, know that I think you can- you are all amazing. 



Today, we will be multiplying 2 digits by 2 digits. This piece of work uses the grid method which you are all familiar with. 

Year 5 - Week 3 - Lesson 1 - Multiply 2-digit numbers (area model)



So, we are going to continue with our booklet about the Rhi-swino-zeb-tah! If you are all caught up on last week, you should have just finished the grammar activity. We are moving on today to the section 'Write Away!' where I would like you to complete the Sentence Starter game.