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This term we are looking into the topic of the Ancient Greeks. So we will be reading ancient myths and learning about ancient Greek heroes, inventors and monsters. Today, you looking into the story of Icarus:

1. Read story ‘Icarus’ retold by Ruth Merttens
           - Read the story aloud, using good expression to read what is said.
           - Now read it through again, answering the ‘Exploring Icarus’ questions as you go.
2. Punctuating speech
           -- Read through the Punctuating Speech Cards.
           -- Use the Speech Bubbles sheet to record what Daedalus and Icarus say to each other about their escape.
           -- Use your speech bubble notes to write Punctuated Dialogue.



Try the Fun-Time Extras
o Daedalus was a great inventor. If you could invent something what would it be? Draw and label it and write a description of what it does.
o Design your own maze for the Minotaur. You could try making it out of Lego, minecraft or any other creative method. (Create a maze in your room and your brother or sister could be the minotaur!) 

Story of Icarus

Activity sheets to go with Icarus

Lesson 1 - Unit and non-unit fractions

Recapping of fractions - Let's see what you remember. Or if you haven't done this yet, please complete and learn about unit and non-unit fractions.

Spellings Poster - For Wednesday's Activities