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English, History and RE


This week you will be learning more about the role Vikings played in English history. As you have learnt so far they came shortly after the Anglo-Saxons and continued to share their way of life with Britain. In addition, last week you learnt of the some of the Viking gods/goddesses and their roles. 


Today, you will be watching the Saga of Biorn (saga means a long story of heroic achievement). Your challenges for today are: 

1. Create a written or drawn story map of the saga. 

2. Write a story version of what happened. 

3. Extra challenge, explain what was different about the Viking's viewpoint of Vahalla (heaven) and the Christian view of heaven. 

The Saga Of Biorn - Watch and create a story map and draft a written version.

Lesson 1 - Multiplying and dividing by 4 and 8

Spellings - For Wednesday's Activities

Reading Sheet 10 - Arthur and the Golden Rope