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Hello Year 5! 


Another week of home learning is here. I'm so glad to hear from you and see how you are getting on with your work. I hope you are all staying safe and feeling happy most of the time. We are in a strange situation and it's okay to have down days. I am so proud that you are all trying so hard, you really are the best class in the universe. 


Let's get to our learning...




So, this week we are going to continue and finish our workbooks that we started last week. 


Today you are going to work on Activity 7 on pages 10-11. This is grammar and sentence work. You will be looking at:


- A pattern of three (using three actions in a sentence to advance the action and increase pace)

- Using a semicolon for independent clauses 

- Changing positions of adverbs in the sentence (they don't always have to come at the beginning of the sentence)



Mastering these skills is very important. Being able to write stories using these techniques makes your writing high level and interesting to read- it gives it that 'wow' factor. These are skills you will be using in Year 6 to make your writing amazing. 



Today we will be looking at adding decimals within 1. Be careful to set your addition out carefully, this is extra hard as most of you don't have squared paper. Remember the importance of place value. 

Lesson 1 - Step 1 - Adding decimals within 1

Afternoon Lesson


Well, I told you all we would be doing something very important this week. Each afternoon, I am going to set you a different task. Each of these tasks will help you all throw your very own 'Stay at Home Street Party' on Friday! 


Did you know, that on Friday it marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day? I have made a video for you down below, so that you can learn all about what VE Day is and why it is so important. 


VE Day 2020 St Richard's

Learn all about VE Day

Today's task is to make the decorations for your 'Stay at Home VE Day Party'. You are going to make bunting! 


Bunting was used to decorate streets on VE Day. Each of the flags were coloured in blue, red or white. They might have had the Union Jack on too. You can make yours special and unique. Draw pictures that inspire you. 


Click here for a guide on how to make bunting. 


It is very simple, and you should only need a few pieces of equipment. Remember, use recycled materials where possible. 


Don't throw this bunting away- you will need it on Friday to decorate for your party! 

Here is some music to listen to whilst you work! 


If you open this using Spotify (It's free) then you can listen to the full songs.