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Hi Everyone! 


Another week of home learning is upon us. How are you all feeling? I hope you are all doing okay and are enjoying your time at home as best as you can. 

I was so impressed last week that so many of you completed the work I had set and emailed it over so I could see. Some people did this every day- well done to you superstars! 

Remember, feel free to email me if you have any questions or suggestions. The feedback I've been given is that you are enjoying this new approach to home learning, so we will continue. :)




Right, so you should have finished your last English pack called 'The Game'. This week we are going to start a new one, called 'Doors- The World of Possibility'. 

This pack says it is for Year 6 children, but please do not panic, I think this one is actually easier than last week's. It is a little bit longer, so we will continue with this pack through to next week as well. This pack is focused on poetry, we have worked lots on poetry, so see if you can wow me with your skills! 


Today, I would like you to have a look at the pack and work through until page 5. 


At the bottom of page 5 there is a writing challenge. If you like, you can do this today or if your hand is tired, maybe save it for tomorrow (because tomorrow there is no writing- lucky you)!


One of the poems you may need I have attached below, so there is no need to google it as the pack says. Good Luck :)


Today we are learning about rounding decimals. Remember, try your best and do not panic. If you find the work tricky, click here for another video which may help you. 

Lesson 1 - Step 6 - Rounding decimals

Afternoon Lesson: Art


Today we are learning about a special type of art called 'abstract art'. We are often led to believe that the more realistic a drawing or a painting looks, the better it is. Do you agree?



This is a picture of a lady who is crying. This is painted in a realistic style. 



This is also a picture of a lady who is crying. However, this was painted in the abstract style. How can you tell she is crying? How can you tell that the mood of this painting is sad? 


This picture was painted by one of the most famous artists of all time: Pablo Picasso. Have you heard of him? He developed a style of abstract art called 'cubism'. Picasso liked to focus on shapes and drawing from all different perspectives at once. He used colour to help convey the mood of his pictures. 


Here is a video, explaining a little more about Pablo Picasso and his abstract style of cubism:

Pablo Picasso: Cubist Art Lesson

Your task is to create an abstract self portrait in the style of cubism, inspired by Pablo Picasso. Remember, realistic is not what you are aiming for. I would like to see that you have used simple shapes and colour to create your portrait. Many people think that abstract art is easier to create than realistic art- do you agree? I think it's harder, when creating abstract art, your work has to have meaning. You are trying to tell a story through shapes and colours- that's very tricky indeed!


Can you tell me a story through your portrait? Can the colours you choose reflect your mood?


Now, you can do this on paper using coloured pencils. However, if you have the resources, you can create this piece of art using any materials you like! Here are some pictures of self portraits created by using leftover cardboard:



I cannot wait to see what you create. Good luck :)