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In Year Admissions - September 2021 - July 2022

Visiting the school


We strongly advice all parents to visit the school before applying. You are welcome to contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time by making an appointment via the school office to meet with our Academy Principal. Once a place has been offered and accepted, you and your child will be invited to visit the school on several occasions to help integrate your child and ensure that their first day goes smoothly.

In Year Applications 


If you would like to apply to St Richard's School for an In-Year-Admission, you must complete the IYAF Form below and return to the school office with our Supplementary Information Form (SIF).  


Parents will be notified of the outcome of their application in writing within 15 school days although we will always aim to notify parents within 10 school days.


At St Richard's, we maintain a clear, fair, and objective waiting list in line with our oversubscription criteria for that year.   If we are unable to offer your child a place at the time of application, we will offer to hold your details on our wait list for any future spaces that become available.     We will hold a copy of your In-Year-Admission form and Supplementary Form in order that each child is ranked in line with the published oversubscription criteria.


Where more than one child is on the wait list against the same criteria, we will always obtain accurate distance information from Kent County Council to ensure fairness.


The Oversubscription Criteria for September 2021-July 2022 is as follows:-


1. Looked After Catholic Children in the care of Catholic families and previously looked after Catholic children who have been adopted or who have become the subject of a residence or guardianship order.


2. Baptised Catholic children – evidence of Baptism will be required.


3. Children enrolled in the catechumenate – evidence of the catechumenate will be required.


4. Other Looked After Children and other previously looked after children who have been adopted or who have become the subject of a residence of guardianship order.


5. Children who are members of Eastern Orthodox Churches – evidence of Baptism will be required.


6. Children of families who are committed members of other Christian denominations that are part of Churches Together in England – evidence of Baptism (or dedication) provided by a priest or minister of a designated place of worship will be required.


7. Children of other faiths - evidence of religious commitment provided by a priest, minister or a designated place of worship will be required.


8. Any other children living in the area, especially those whose families have some connection with the school


Full explanation of the terms for the above can be found in our prospectus of Admissions Code for this year.


Please follow the PDF links below to complete the necessary forms.