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Wow! What a week of wonderful work you have created. I hope you have enjoyed learning all about the different parts of the story. Have you enjoyed learning English this way?


Today- we are...... *drumroll please*..... writing our OWN stories. Work through page 21-23. You can use the structure of the story we have read to assist you writing your own story. Use this 'boxing up' technique to keep your story well structured and focused. 


Remember, write it neatly and check it thoroughly. This is the final piece of work that you have been working towards, make sure it is you giving it your all and showing off to me what you can do with words. I would like my socks knocked off, if possible. 


As an extension, over the weekend you could have a go at creating your own book. Instructions for how to do this are at the end of the booklet. You could even create your own illustrations inspired by the wonderful illustrator, Tim Hopgood. 


Please let me know how you have found this week's learning. If you have enjoyed it, we can continue learning this way. Good Luck, and please send me your stories! 


Today, we are going to be learning about Thousandths as Decimals. I hope you are understanding the learning and finding it manageable. :)

Step 5 - Thousandths as decimals

Afternoon lesson


Watch this video below all about the amazing story of Captain Tom Moore and what he is doing for the NHS.

Captain Tom Moore raises over £1m for the NHS Charities Together after appearing on BBC Breakfast

Wow! What an amazing hero. Captain Tom Moore has walked 100 laps of his garden to raise money for the NHS. This money will go to help all the brave Doctors and Nurses going to work to make sure we are safe and healthy. Click here for a link to Captain Tom's just giving page- as I am writing this he has raised almost 19 million pounds! 


Captain Tom turns 100 years old on the 30th of April. Your task today is to make him a birthday card to say thank you for his kindness.


You will need a stamp to send the card, so ask your mums and dads first. This is Captain Tom's address:


Captain Tom Moore, C/O Post Office Limited, 67 Bedford Road, Marston Moretaine, MK43 0LA, Bedfordshire, England.


If you do not have a stamp, or can't get to a postbox- don't worry! Why don't you make a nice colourful poster to say thank you to Captain Tom instead? You could put this on your window for everyone to see. 


Good Luck, and have a happy weekend.


Miss Brown :)