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Friday 5th February

Morning Story Time with Mr Elks - What's the Opposite?


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9:00 - 9:15 Number Bond Challenge


Every morning, I will be providing a number bond challenge. 

These daily challenges will help the children to improve their number bond fluency.

Being fluent with our number bonds helps us with all of our Maths work.

The challenge will start easy but then get more clanging as we progress. 

If your child already know the number bonds that I set in the challenge by heart, they could find more challenging number bonds. 

Number bonds are numbers that total the same amount.


Today’s Number Bond Challenge:


Find all number bonds to 5.

0 + _ = 5,        1 + _ = 5,        2 + _ = 5,        3 + _ = 5,        4 + _ = 5,        5 + _ = 5

Number Bonds to 5

Learn the number bonds for 5. Number bonds are simply the pairs of numbers that make up a given number.

9:15 - 9:30 Handwriting Practise


Practise writing the lowercase and uppercase ‘s / S’


You need to try to write on the line whilst using lead-ins and lead-outs. You don’t need lead-ins and lead-outs for capital letters.


Please see the demonstration video and example below.

Learn to Write the Letter S | Pre-cursive Letter Formation

Learn to Write the Letter S | Pre-cursive Letter Formation. This video shows and explains the pre-cursive letter formation for the letter s.

9:30 - 10:00 Phonics with Mr Elks


Today we will be exploring the 'aw' Tricky Witch sound.


I have emailed the Zoom link to parents.


During the Zoom meeting, I will be showing the input powerpoint.


Afterwards, you may watch the ‘The Awesome Strawberry’ video below.


I would like the children to practise their blending skills by reading 'aw' Tricky Witch nonsense words using the flashcards (see below).


Then, I would like the children to practise their segmenting skills by spelling 'aw' Tricky Witch real words

which their parent/carer says out loud (see flashcards below). 


Extra Challenge:

Write sentences including at least one of the 'aw' Tricky Witch words. Remember to use a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end. 



Practise reading and spelling high frequency words using the flashcards or powerpoint.

These are words which we use a lot in our reading and writing.

The Awesome Strawberry

aw - Tricky Witch - video

Arithmetic - Count in 10s

Practise your 10 times tables.

10:30 - 11:30 Maths

LO: To be able to compare  number sentences.


Today we will be using comparison language and symbols to compare number sentences.

Less than <

Greater than >

Equal to =


Main Activity:

Write two different addition or subtraction number sentences. Find the answer and compare the answers using < , > or = .

Repeat activity again with more number sentences.


Extra Challenge Activity:

Compare mixed operation number sentences.

This means to compare an addition number sentence with a subtraction number sentence.

Find the answer and compare the answers using < , > or = and the language of less than, greater than, and equal to.

Repeat activity again with more number sentences.

See examples below.


Extra Support Activity:

Use objects or draw pictures (ten frames) to help you compare number sentences.

See examples below.



Look at the Maths plenary document below. Discuss the 'True or False' question.

This is a very important activity that helps the children to grow their reasoning (problem solving) skills.

Compare number sentences

This is the video version of the input powerpoint.

11:30 - 12:30 Writing

LO: To be able to write a diary.


A diary is a written recount of what you did that day.

A recount is what you remember.

You always start a diary with ‘Dear Diary,’.

We personify the diary, we pretend that it is a person we are writing to, which is why we use a capital letter.


Look at the ‘Belfast Information’ powerpoint and the ‘Photos of Belfast’.

Imagine you have had a day out in Belfast:

  • Where did you go?
  • What did you see?
  • How did you feel?




Main Activity:

Write a diary extract about your day out in Belfast.

Start your diary with ‘Dear Diary’.

Describe where you went in Belfast; what you saw in Belfast and how you felt (emotive language).


Key skills:

  • Think about what you want to write and say it out loud first. 
  • Sound out (segment) words when you are spelling them.
  • Write on the line.
  • Use finger spaces between words.
  • Use lead-ins and lead-outs.
  • Use capital letters at the beginning of a sentence.


Extra Support Activity:

Write a sentence about what you did in Belfast.


Extra challenge Activity:

Add extra detail to diary by:

  • Using fronted adverbials (Firstly, Secondly, Then, Next, Afterwards, Finally) to sequence what you did in Belfast.
  • Use detailed emotive language to describe how you felt, e.g. I had a wonderful time. I was very happy.
  • Write exclamations, e.g. What a wonderful place! How exciting it was!
  • Write rhetorical questions (questions that don’t need answers). e.g. Will I get to go back to Belfast?



Dear Diary,

​​​​​​​What an fun time I have had today! I've seen so many wonderful things in Belfast. I visited the Albert Memorial Clock, Fort William and the Titanic Museum. The local people were very kind and the local food was delicious. My favourite thing was exploring Belfast Zoo. What will I do tomorrow

13:30 – 14:15  Geography (continue after Year One Awards).

LO: To be able to locate the 4 countries of the UK and their capital cities.


Throughout this term, we have been learning about the UK, its 4 countries and the capital cities of those countries.

Today, I want you to represent this knowledge by drawing a labelled map of the UK.


Main Activity: 


  • Draw a map of the UK. It doesn’t have to look perfect.
  • You will need to label your map to show where England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are.
  • You will need to label your map to show where London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and Dover are.


Extra Support Activity: 

Use the template to help you to complete the Main Activity.


Extra Challenge Activity: 

Complete the Main Activity and label to show:

  • the English Channel
  • the Irish Sea
  • the North Sea
  • famous UK landmarks, e.g. Stonehenge, Hadrian’s Wall, etc. 

14:15 - 14:45 Year One Awards with Mr Elks

14:15 - 14:45  Year One Awards with Mr Elks.

I have emailed the Zoom link to parents.

I will be presenting the weekly award certificates and the Year One British Bake Off award certificates.

Afternoon Story Time with Mt Elks - Puss in Boots


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