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Year 3 - Compare capacity



1. Read a poem

  • Read the poem: Claws. Read it twice: once in your head and once out loud.
  • Read the Poetry Questions. Think about your answers and then write some of them as sentences.


2. Remind yourself about metaphors and similes

  • Use the Revision Card to remind yourself about metaphors and similes.
  • Complete Metaphors and Similes Practice. Try writing a metaphor or simile for each of the pets. Challenge yourself to write more than one for some of them. Which is your favourite metaphor or simile? Why?


3.  Plan and write a poem

  • Think about a pet that you know or have seen or imagine one from the pictures.
  • Write ideas in Poem Ideas.
  • Try organising your ideas so that they look and sound like a poem. What patterns can you use? Write your poem out carefully.


Well done! Now show a grown-up your poem. Show them any metaphors or similes that you have used.


Try these Fun-Time Extras

  • Can you perform your poem, record your performance and share it with somebody else?
  • Can you make an illustration for your poem?

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