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1. Read an extract from Harry Potter

  • Read Neville and Snape. How would you describe the character of Neville from this extract?
  • Watch the first minute and a half of some of the film scenes of Neville. What else can you say about his character now?


2. Read a Hogwarts’ School Report

  • Read Hogwarts’ School Report.
  • Highlight the five phrases that tell you most about Neville. Do you think this is a fair report? What are your reasons for saying that?


3.  Write a school report

  • Use the Planner and Report Template to write a school report.
  • It could be for one of the Harry Potter characters or it could be for you, one of your friends or someone in your family. Try to show their character in what you write in the report.


Well done! Share your school report with a grown-up. Show them the three sentences that you are most pleased about.


Try these Fun-Time Extras

  • Can you explore more of the Harry Potter at Home website?

You could try this Wordsearch:

Can you read or listen to one of the Harry Potter books? 

English Workbook


Times tables - Can you beat your time?

Count up timer 5 minutes

Science - Moving Water (Plants) 


This week we are looking at how water moves through the plant. 


There is an experiment you can do at home or school which is explained in the PowerPoint and it would be ideal to begin this lesson in the morning, so that children can check the flowers regularly throughout the day before making a conclusion in the afternoon. You will need the following things:

  • White Flowers
  • Food Colouring 
  • Water 
  • Container 
  • And three different locations (cold, warm and room temperature).

If you do the experiment I know that I would love to see pictures & a write up of your predictions and conclusions and I also know Mrs Martin is missing seeing all your science work!


If you cannot do the experiment then create a short story explaining how water travels through the plant. Where does the water come from? How does it get into the flower? There is a video below you can use to support you further.