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Today we are going to be writing our own wizarding spells...

Do you have what it takes to be a Hermione Granger? Are you as powerful as the great Harry Potter? 


Complete the challenges 'Wizard words' and 'The wizard word game' on pages 8-9. 

Afternoon Lesson


Today we are going to learn about the Windrush Scandal. 


In 2012 the British Government and Home Office created new rules about who could come to Britain to live, receive medical care, an education and work. These new laws meant anyone living in Britain needed to have official documents to continue living in Britain.


“Because many of the Windrush Generation arrived as children on their parents’ passports and the Home Office destroyed thousands of landing cards and other records many lacked the documentation to remain in the UK.”

 - The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants


So, because many people came to Britain as children and were never given any papers, in 2012, our government tried to send them back to the countries that they had travelled from. These people had made Britain their home and had lived here for most of their lives. 

The Windrush scandal destroyed lives

"They've used us and abused us" - Vera Government policies destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of members of the Windrush generation. See

How would you feel if someone told you they were going to send you to another country because you weren't allowed to be in Britain anymore? 


You might feel frightened or angry. 


Do you think the treatment of the Windrush generation has been fair? How should the Government support people impacted? Write a letter or create a persuasive poster to argue your point of view.