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On Friday we do Maths Challenge! Please complete challenge 1-4. They get really tricky past number 4 and are meant for much older children, so don't worry if you look at them and think they're super hard. 


I would like you to do 15 minutes on Times Tables Rockstars also. 


Well done- it's almost the weekend!!



Your findings on Zargon 10 were amazing! I loved reading your logs and hearing about the fantastic things you found. 

Today, you are going to be writing an advert trying to persuade people to come and visit. Have a look at the challenge on page 18, 'I want to go there'. 


Look at the advert that they have written:

Use these features to create a successful, persuasive advert:

Afternoon Lesson


Here is a lovely prayer written by a man named Tony Singleton. He works for a charity called CAFOD. 



Love your Neighbour

Jesus, friend and brother,
You know what it is like
to be hungry and thirsty.
You know what it feels like
to be a stranger who is made unwelcome.
You know the suffering of all
who have lost everything.
We pray that by welcoming refugees
we may show love for our neighbour
and be closer to you.


Today, I would like you to write and illustrate your own prayer for the refugees of this world. Before bed, can you take 5 minutes to say a prayer for all the children that are having to flee their homes in order to find safety.