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Today I would like you to have a go at the Friday Maths Challenge. Only go up to Challenge 4- Good luck :)



So, by now you should have finished your wish story. I cannot wait to read them. 


Today, please take the time to edit your work and make sure that it is presented beautifully. You could check for punctuation errors and spelling mistakes. Go through and try to spot any weak points in your writing where you think you may be able to improve. 


Once you have finished, I would like you to create a beautiful illustration for your story that could go on the front cover if you were to turn it into a book. How would you capture someone's attention?

Afternoon Lesson


Here is a lovely prayer written by a man named Tony Singleton. He works for a charity called CAFOD. 



Love your Neighbour

Jesus, friend and brother,
You know what it is like
to be hungry and thirsty.
You know what it feels like
to be a stranger who is made unwelcome.
You know the suffering of all
who have lost everything.
We pray that by welcoming refugees
we may show love for our neighbour
and be closer to you.


Today, I would like you to write and illustrate your own prayer for the refugees of this world. Before bed, can you take 5 minutes to say a prayer for all the children that are having to flee their homes in order to find safety.