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1. Read two opinions about the Harry Potter Studio Tour

  • Read Opinion 1 and then read Opinion 2.
  • Underline the words and phrases that show the person’s opinion most clearly.


2. Imagine the writers

  • Use the writing and your imagination to think about the writer of Opinion 1 and the writer of Opinion 2.  
  • Draw how you imagine the writers on Opinion Writers and use captions and labels to give information about each one.


3.  Imagine a brilliant or an awful day

  • Imagine that you had a brilliant or an awful day at a tourist attraction. It could be Harry Potter Studios or it could be another.
  • Make a plan of your five main points on Planning a Review.
  • Write about your awful or brilliant day.


Fun-Time Extras

  • Can you write an exact opposite review to the one that you have written?
  • Can you ‘interview’ people to find out about the tourist attraction they would most like to visit and the tourist attraction that they would least like to visit? Can you find out their reasons?

English Workbook

Year 3 - Week 9 - Lesson 4 - Parallel and perpendicular

Timestables - Can you do your fastest today?

Count up timer 5 minutes


This photo activity is a starting point for exploring the topic of oceans and plastics pollution.



Look at the photos (can be downloaded below) and use coloured pens.


1. Discuss what you see in the photo and how it makes makes you feel.
2. Then write down as many questions as you can on the large sheet of paper around it. 
3. Now try to answer some of your questions with a parent or a family member, you can probably answer some straight away, while others will need to be researched. 



Once completed read this statement:

These photos all relate to plastic pollution in our oceans. This is an issue that threatens the future of our seas and our planet. We can all do something about plastic pollution and this will be explored in later activities.