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Today I would like you to complete the challenge 'Crazy Quotes' on page 13. 


Punctuation is tricky when using speech marks. Read the workbook for extra help, I just wanted to go over full stops in speech. 


Have a look at my use of speech here:


Mrs Spencer burst into the classroom with a look of pure joy on her kind face, "I am so pleased my new paints arrived this morning!"

"Good, you can paint my new display board," said Miss Brown, cheekily. 


Have you noticed how I put a comma instead of a full stop after what I said? That is because the sentence continues past the speech mark. If I restructured my sentence so the speech was at the end, I would use a full stop. So it would look like this: 


Miss Brown said cheekily, "Good, you can paint my new display board."



So, if you want to put who said the sentence after the speech and the speech would normally end in a full stop, we use a comma instead. Have a go and if you make a mistake- don't worry, that's all part of learning :)



Today we are having a look at area. Area and perimeter are two different things. 


Perimeter is when we measure the outside of a 2d shape, and an area is when we measure the inside of a shape, or how much space it takes up. 

Have a look at the video below for help with today's work. 

Year 4 - Week 4 - Lesson 4 - Area counting squares