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Today I would like you to spend at least 15 minutes on Times Tables Rockstars. I have noticed many of you have not logged in and used it in a while. It is very important you keep practicing and getting quick at your times tables.


Below is a Maths Challenge to complete too! I would like you to try Challenge 1, 2, 3 and 4. 


Good Luck :)



On Monday, I will be asking you to decide what happens in your own wishing story. You will find this on p22. I know you have worked so hard this week and have had a lot to do. 


So, today I would like you to get some paper, some pens and sit somewhere nice. Have a think about your wishing story. Do some ideas, draw them, jot them down. Relax and close your eyes and try to float away using your imagination. 


There will be no afternoon learning today. Have a lovely weekend and take time to look after yourself and have fun.


Extra challenge: Be extra kind and good at home. Even when you're feeling a bit fed up. See if it has an effect on your mood to do nice things for your family. Take this weekend to really try. 


See you next week. x