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Today I would like you to complete the task on page 7- 'Help I've seen an Alien!'


This task is all about describing using adjectives. Adjectives are really important because they describe nouns (which are things, people or places). 


When you complete your work today, try to use powerful adjectives. These are describing words with the 'wow factor'. 


For example, if I wanted to say my alien was big. I wouldn't use the word big because it's a bit boring, you're in year 4 now. Your writing should grab the reader and make us excited to read more. 


Instead, I'm going to use words like...


These are called synonyms. Synonyms are words that are different, but have the same meaning. 


If you want to find synonyms, you can use a Thesaurus or good old google (with parent's permission)!


Good Luck.



Today we are moving on to division. We are going to be looking at dividing a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number. 

Year 4 - Week 3 - Lesson 3 - Divide 2-digit by 1-digit number

Afternoon Learning


We all need a pick-me-up now and then. One of my favourite ways to cheer up is to listen to a happy song. We have heard this one before, I thought it would make you smile...

Joy of the Holy Spirit // Sign Song (BSL) Video

Your task is just to enjoy the song. Whether that's listening, singing, joining in with the sign language. 


Try to clear your mind of any worries and listen to the words. God gave us the gift of music, take some time to appreciate it. 



Bonus task: Could you create a film of yourself performing the sign language?