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1. Prepositions and sequencing instructions
        o Read the learning reminders about prepositions (these are the same as yesterday – just included here for reference).
       o Look at the two pages of Cabbage Cards. Together they make up a set of instructions for making cabbage dye but the main sentences and prepositions have become separated and muddled.
      o Cut out (or write out) the cards and match the main sentences with the correct prepositional phrases.
      o Order the instructions correctly and stick them on a piece of paper.
      o Challenge yourself to identify what sort of preposition is being used in each sentence (time, place or cause), you could underline each type in a different colour. Can you suggest a possible alternative for the prepositions?


Now work with a grown-up to check the answers.
Discuss any answers which you didn’t quite get. Can you see what went wrong?


Try the Fun-Time Extras
o Write your own set of instructions for something – it could be making a Lego model, drawing a particular picture, planting a seed. Try to include a preposition for each instruction. You could type your instructions up on the computer and add pictures to illustrate each step.
o Try playing ‘Simon Says’ with other family members – the challenge is to include a preposition in each instruction, e.g. ‘Simon says put your hand under your foot’.

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